What exactly are you selling here?

Ideas. New ways of solving new, or old problems. I have the ability to think completely "outside the box" to use a shopworn phrase. That ability is sometimes hard to come by in your own organization.


What are your limitations?

I will not be discovering a cure for the common cold anytime soon, nor will I be designing any new computer chips. I may, however, be able to generate ideas for, or new approaches to, almost any endeavor which may help put your own experts on a more productive path toward solving some intractable technical problem.


Just how much is your fee?

You tell me. If I am able to provide you with a productive idea only you know for sure what that is worth. A pat on the head? A finders fee? A large lump sum? A fraction of a percentage of future profits generated by my idea? Part ownership of a patent? Each case is different and in each case my compensation is open to negotiation.


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