New Idea Concepts

New Ideas! Fresh concepts! Innovative solutions to problems!

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by. I hope your visit will be time well spent.

My business is selling ideas. Not technical designs, engineering blueprints, or graphic art, just ideas, the seeds for success.

Do you need a new idea? Perhaps a concept for a new product or an idea for improving or enhancing an existing product? How about a fresh, new way of looking at how you do things or a totally new concept for solving a problem you have been accommodating far too long for lack of an alternative? Try New Idea Concepts!

Just click the e-mail link and write to me. Describe your problem and/or your needs. Include any details that may help me help you. Also, include a brief outline of what you are not looking for, what you do not want, and what has already failed to work for you, and why. Include the name of a contact person, and their e-mail address, to handle all of our communications.

I will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail and request additional information as needed. Typically, I will start thinking about your problem right away, contacting you only as necessary to further my research and deliberations.

If I formulate an idea, concept, or solution that you may find of value I will send you a brief description. If you are interested, we will discuss my fee and, if we come to an agreement, I will send you the full text of my offering.

You will not be required to pay in advance, or obligated to pay at all if my idea is of no use to you. However, should you examine the full text of my offering and decide against purchasing it, I require that you agree not to use, or make plans to use, the idea for at least one full year.

Confidentiality is assured at all times.

That is it. As you can see, the risks are all on my side but the upside potential is significant for both of us. Think it over, and then let me think for you.


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